Savio club closed on 15th of December 2020 to reopen in January 2021 after registrations. This year just like the rest of the world was interrupted by Covid -19 pandemic which led to closure of schools and various movement restrictions. As such Savio club operations were also affected and the children were not able to attend school for 5 months. But in September, there was partial opening of Savio club with three centres operating i.e. st. John Bosco, Holy cross and st. Peter and Paul.

Number of children

Classes began on 17th of January 2020 with the following number of children.



Number of Registered children

Current Number of Savio club including 2019 children


St. Daniel Comboni




St. John Bosco




Mary Help of Christians




St. Peter and Paul




Christ the King




Holy Cross




St. Dominic Savio




Our Lady of Assumption




Total numbers




By the end of the year, only three centres were in classes due to Corona pandemic challenges therefore it was not possible to establish the total number at the end of the year.

During this time, we ensured to follow all Covid- 19 rules while in Savio club; i.e taking temperatures, hand washing, social distancing, observing hygiene and the health of all children in general. We also ensured to reduce the number of children per class and letting half of them come on alternate days to avoid overcrowding.

Savio club teacher taking temperature before they enter classes

Hand washing

Social distancing and reduced number of children in a class

ANew teachers

Three new teachers joined Savio club this year. They are; Erick Matabishi- for  St. John Bosco, Stephen Mata- for Holy Cross and Hellen Nakang- for St. Dominic Savio. They were inducted and begun their duties on 17th of January 2020.

Savio club teachers 2020

Teachers training programmes

During the pandemic period, Savio club teachers were engaged in a series of training to empower them with adequate teaching skills.

We started with a diagnostic assessment meeting whose main purpose was to find out from them how they are faring on with teaching since the last training was done in 2019, and what skills they feel they require to get knowledge on so that they can improve further.

The following trainings were conducted.

*      Covid -19 Prevention and control training

*      CBC education system in Kenya

*      Objectives of Savio club

*      Modes of teaching presentation to be used in Savio club

*      Preparation of lesson plans

Teachers training session

Diagnostic assessment meeting

Opening of Savio club blog

Savio club blog was opened in October 2020. The purpose of the blog is to highlight some of the activities Savio club is undertaking as well as other relevant articles. The blog will also feature testimonials from S.C children and teachers. The blog already has a few articles and more will be updated from time to time by Savio club supervisor. The address of the blog is

Preparation of Savio club training manual 

Savio club teachers training manual is in publisher, which teachers can access to familiarize with basic teaching methodologies. This manual contains information they ought to be trained on to enable them teach better. The topics covered were adopted from the diagnostic assessment that was conducted in the initial meeting. At the moment it is being created and compiled by Petronilla with the hope of it being used and further developed in future


End of year test and Exams

Savio club children sat for end of year test from 10th of December 2020. This time they did two papers (General paper and Maths) due to the nature of teaching we had concentrated on which is reading, writing and speaking skills. This was done in the three centres where learning was still taking place. Fewer children attended school and did exams compared to previous times.

The table below shows their performance in the test



Subject average for General paper

Subject average for Maths

No of children who did exams


Holy cross





St. John Bosco





St. Peter and paul






In conclusion, this has been the shortest learning year in Savio club due to the covid-19 pandemic but it has also been an year of great empowerment especially to the teachers. They have received more training than before, which they have confessed to be of great benefit. We have also seen the opening up of Savio club blog and a training manual that is still underway and hopefully to be completed in the year 2021.

We are grateful for those who have been part of the journey, our Director Fr. Jose for his dedication and love, the benefactors led by Dr. Alfons for their great support and the whole team of teachers for their dedication. I am also honoured to be the supervisor of Savio club for I have been able to share my knowledge and skills as well as learn from the entire team.

Here at Savio club we wish you all a merry Christmas and blessed, healthy 2021.